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The Carracedo Lab at CIC Biogune recently took part in an annual outreach event alongside the Spanish Association against Cancer, focussing on disseminating knowledge of cancer around local High Schools. The title of this years talks was Investigar Para Un Futuro Mejor, (Research for a Better Future) and the message was that research is essential for cancer prevention. TRAIN ESR Paris and two other colleagues from the lab took part. Here is Paris’s account:

I have never had the chance to teach high school students my own passion, cancer research. This year , I was given the chance and I openly took it. Seeing many young faces eager to listen to me, was a brand new feeling for me. Since I always am willing to bring humor into serious matters, I tried to make jokes during the presentation and mix Spanish and English to explain about risk factors of Cancer ,which changed the whole atmosphere as if you are in a standup comedy show. I truly believe that science could be more attractive for younger generation if we combine it with the essence of humor. Generally speaking, I would definitely try to engage more in activities like this and who knows maybe one day , I will become a funny professor!”