On 9th March 2019 one of our Sheffield ESRs, Chiara Niespolo took part in a local science outreach event, Science Alive  that is organised yearly by the Sheffield Museums. This is Chiara’s account of the day:

Science Alive

It’s easy to explain your research to your peers, but if you can explain it to a 6-years old, this means you have a true understanding of what you are doing! And it personally rewards!


On the 9th of March 2019 I took part in Science Alive, an outreach aimed at  kids and family ,which is organised and run by Sheffield Volunteering and the students of the Science and Engineering Departments from the University of Sheffield.

It was through my role as Internal Communication and Engagement Officer for The Students Society of my Department  that I  decided to take part in this activity and bring science alive!!

Our topic was “Zebrafish & Human” with regards to the cardiovascular system. As zebrafish is an excellent model for the study of cardiovascular development and diseases, we wanted to highlight how similar the fish is to the human being, thinking that this would have been more fascinating for kids. Indeed, it was! It was literally a success and I couldn’t be prouder of my amazing colleagues (and also myself). We worked so hard for months to prepare all the necessary material for our demonstrations and we did a really good job.

Kids & family were totally engaged and interested in our activities, also showing basic but good knowledge of biology and anatomy. I was truly impressed.

We spent hours with kids and their families, trying to explain biology in the simplest way Science alive2possible. And I think we did very well. I felt like we were constantly inspiring these kids to become the scientists of the future. We also took pictures with them in lab-coats and we played some games. They were really good in the game “Identify the differences and similarities between fish & human”.

Overall, it was an outstanding experience and I am glad I was involved in it. It was great working as a multidisciplinary team that was  really well coordinated. At the end of the day I was exhausted but really proud and happy.


I definitely LOVE speaking to the public (especially kids) about what I love the most, science & research.

Science Alive 3