A bit of news from a while back (Christmas). Miriam School 2

Whilst on her trip back home to Ubeda in Jaen, Spain at Christmas, TRAIN ESR Miriam Ruiz Cantos at beneficiary Queen Mary’s University of London took the opportunity to talk science at different primary and secondary schools in the area, as well as appearing onl ocal radio to describe her experiences working as an international researcher.

In particular, IMG-20181219-WA0017she gave two talks on careers in science and talked about her experience to kids about to choose a university career this summer at her  former high school  San Juan de la Cruz,  and  at a nearby school  Los Cerros, .

In Los Cerros, Miriam also gave a talk about stem cells  to the UK equivalent of a Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) students

For her former primary school, Miriam gave a very simple talk about stem cells, obesity and cancer to 11-12 years old kids about to go to high school.

The radio interview was broadcast in Cadena Ser ( this is an audio of the interview and a summary post (in Spanish). In the interview Miriam  explained about TRAIN and how we are 15 PhDs across Europe (not only UK) and how they collaborate to work with TRIB proteins and determine their metabolic role.  All in all a very positive and rewarding outreach experience.

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