On 7th-8th of July I had a brilliant opportunity to attend the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) satellite event that occurred before the ESOF main event in Toulouse. I had read about  about this networking event for MSCA  students and fellows on the MSCA website, and I immediately registered for the same. After a couple of weeks, I got an email from the organizers that they would be partly sponsoring my trip to Toulouse from Munich. This was exciting because the agenda looked very  interesting.

On the first day, the organizers had arranged a visit to the Airbus museum. During the visit, I met some of the other ITN MCSA fellows, and we had a great time sharing our experiences of working as ESRs in different fields and from different countries and institutions within the EU. The second day started with a networking brunch, which allowed me to talk to  MSCA fellows, Ph.D. students, post-docs and alumni from many different backgrounds of research. After this, Raffaele Ferrando and Manel Laporta Grau, Assistant Policymakers in the European Commission launched the first look for the online learning platform called MSCA learning hub. The learning hub will  include some online training courses, webinars and also some future career opportunities for MSCA fellows. They were very open to new ideas and asked us for some suggestion for this platform. Following this there was an engaging policy-making session that gave us some interesting insights into delivering  research ideas to  policy makers. Lastly, the session concluded with some innovative methods to publish your research to a lay audience. This will be very useful for the TRAIN ESRs as we start to produce results from our work in the next  half of the programme.  The evening ended with a visit to Aeroscopia Museum, where we had the opportunity to speak with the members of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) unit. They gave us  a general overview of the MCAA and different ITN programmes associated with it. It was an excellent opportunity to meet new scientists from different areas of research and share ideas and experiences. I am looking forward to meeting some of them in the next MSCA events.