On 24 Jan 2018 The Institute of Transplantation Urology and Nephrology (ITUN) welcomed high-school students (Lycée Jacques Prévert, Savenay, France) to  the laboratories to give them  an insight into the  academic research and working environment, as part of  the public outreach  event “Passeport Recherche “. They were first given a brief lecture in transplantation research, on which the  department works and later given a tour of the laboratory. To finalise the event, researchers in the Lab including TRAIN ESR Yodit Feseha were given the opportunity to  provide an insight on their  scientific education background and current positions.

For Yodit  the event  “ was great opportunity for me to demonstrate the collective and collaborative efforts of the EU nationals coming together in driving forward our understanding of biological systems and improvement of health through the H2020 funding.

The TRAIN ITN, with its15 PhD positions around Europe working together to understand the Tribbles protein family, along with the organisation and initiatives we the PhD students of TRAIN have to conduct to work collaboratively, enriches our experiences as research students


Yodit talking to the high-school students.