Chiara’s Week

chiaraWhen I first heard about this workshop, I started feeling so excited. The idea of meeting the other ESRs and their supervisors for four days in a context of lectures, presentations, workshops and other social activities made me feel really happy as well as impatient.

Then the day came and we all met for the first time at Wagamama for a “Sunday Welcome Dinner”. After a few minutes of general nervousness I honestly felt like we already knew each other. We spontaneously started talking about our past experiences, our countries, our interests, our TRAIN interviews. It was great and I really had a good time with them. We all showed a great enthusiasm of being part of the Tribbles network.

The following days were great, too. I had the occasion to learn much more not only about TRIBBLES and the individual PhD projects but also about all the TRAIN practicalities we are going to deal with in the next couple of months. I really enjoyed the workshop on Experimental Design and Statistics and I was impressed on how Tim and Amy made it so easy to understand, giving us the chance to interact with each other. It was an intense and stimulating experience. All the interventions were extremely useful and all of us made a little contribution, asking or answering questions. I think everyone had a really positive feedback during these TRAIN days.

Beside the “science” part, there was the social part as well, the one I probably liked the most. After spending a whole day talking about our friends TRIBBLES, we enjoyed having dinner all together, each time in a different place. We had a lot of fun and we also took a lot of pictures together. On the last day we were driven by Graham and Endre to the Peak District and we all had a lovely time, enjoying the gorgeous countryside view. And it was the end, unfortunately. Four days passed so quickly.

It was an amazing experience and I am glad to be part of this family. Meeting the whole “TRIBBLES gang” in this context was the best way to start building this network. And of course I am looking forward to attend the second TRAIN workshop and meet all my colleagues and friends again!