Dominika’s Week


As for our first official meeting we all (which was quite a lot of us: students, supervisors and others who are either going to collaborate with us, as a consortium, or are already working with Tribbles) gathered in Sheffield. Each day we pushed ourselves to the limit, used every hour available, which resulted in having lectures from early morning’s hours. It was very demanding, but necessary and I am glad it happened because it helped me with understanding the whole project more, appreciate the fact that I can be a part of it and, last but not the least, meet other students! 14 of us, each different, but still somehow similar, with the same crazy twist in their eyes when talking about science and pursuing a career of a researcher.

During lectures we learned not only about each project in a deeper way, but also about other benefits that come with being a part of the TRAIN-ITN programme. At the end, we were even given a chance to do a presentation about what we have learned over those few days.

I think this meeting was a great success, made us think a lot about what can be done within the consortium and how we can benefit from it. I hope the meetings were organised more often (Sheffield was a lovely city, can’t wait to see others in which students are located!) thus I cannot wait for the next one!