Kunzangla’s Week


When I first rimg_5715eceived the news for the Training event in Sheffield, I was in a state of nervous excitement. This would be my first trip abroad, my first meeting with my supervisor; the feeling was overwhelming.

Naturally, when I met everyone (including my supervisor) on the first day at Wagamama for the welcome dinner, I was trying to get out of my shell and very nervously trying to interact with the others. But after the exchange of hellos and introductions, being with the TRAIN team felt more relaxed and conversations began to flow. It was a great first meeting!

The icebreaker session on the ‘first formal day’ of training eased the tension in the room and helped us ESRs find our comfort zones amongst ourselves so as to interact with each other with no difficulty.

The training programs planned for us over the next four days gave us immense insight into the workings of the TRAIN project including the TRIBBLES protein family, the various projects under TRAIN, the objective of the program, the various machineries in place for the smooth functioning and the accountability of the TRAIN program.

The team exercises planned for the ESRs where we had to present the purview of the workshop gave us a chance to interact with each other and helped build a rapport with each other.

I must add that the evenings after each day of training were the most fun filled and interactive sessions across supervisors and ESRs. The TRAIN coordination team had chosen great places for our evening delightful sessions, where we freely conversed with each other and got to know more of each other while we broke bread and barriers too.

All in all, the First Training Event at Sheffield was an excellent way for us to get introduced to the TRAIN research program which gave me a boost (and I vouch for the other ESRs too) to strive harder and make a valuable contribution to the program. I feel very privileged to be a part of this vibrant team of dedicated individuals whom I can’t wait to meet again!!