Laura’s Week


During our first TRAIN workshop we have had the chance to get to know the ESRs and PI in both formal and informal ways. The first meeting on Sunday afternoon together with the ice-breaking session on Monday morning, was really helpful to get to know all the members in an easy way (avoiding the awkward feeling that always appears on that first formal meetings).

During the rest of the week, we gained knowledge about the role of the Tribbles Family protein, and also about the main fields we are going to base our projects. On the first day, PIs gave us different talks, covering the possible gaps we may have about immunity, the myeloid cell lineage, adipose tissue and adipocytes, metabolism and prostate cancer, among others.

During the following days, we had an overview of each project involved in the TRAIN program and how all of them are interconnected. It was very interesting to know that all of us are going to share cell lines, mouse models, reagents and a sort of protocols and experimental set ups. Moreover, we will be using LabCollector, about which we also had an informative session.

We worked in practical lessons such as Scientific Communication and Experimental Design and Statistics. And at the end of the week, we were asked for an oral presentation about the different mouse models and procedures we should apply on them basing our knowledge on the talks the PIs gave us all along the week.

Although it was an intense week, we gain very useful tools and knowledge to start with our PhDs.

After the lectures, we also had time to socialize having dinner all together. It was a nice time to disconnect and to get to know the interests and the culture of every ESR member and in general, to become friends. The workshop concluded with a nice trip in which we all enjoyed the cave and the views of the Peak District, we can proudly say that after Graham left us alone, we found our way and we didn’t get lost.