ESR Supervisory Team

Dr Arkaitz Carracedo


The main interest of Dr. Carracedo to build his independent line of research in CIC bioGUNE institute in Bilbao, Spain, is related to answering a key question: What is the contribution of cell metabolism to cancer cell biology and how can we use it for therapy? Currently, the Carracedo lab is composed of 14 people, including 6 postdocs, 4 PhD students, 1 bioinformatician and 3 technicians. This team of work contributes with very different perspectives, from stem cell work to nutrition, and therefore ensures that a multidisciplinary proposal can be carried out.


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Early Stage Researcher

Parastoo Shahrouzi (IR)  ESR Project 6


My sense of curiosity in molecular biological aspects of Cancer, provoked me to first finish my Bachelor study in Molecular cellular Biology in Iran and then to do a Master at the University of Vienna, to improve my theoretical and practical knowledge in cancer biology, to perform internships in two different laboratories at the Max.F.Perutz Laboratories and finally to do master thesis in Medical University of Vienna in the Institute of Cancer Research. Considering my background in cell signaling in cancer and the reputation of Marie Curie fund, I chose to perform a PhD in the lab of Dr.Carracedo and work on the role of TRIB1 in prostate cancer pathogenesis and metabolism as a part of TRAIN program.