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ESR Supervisory Team

Prof. Carol Shoulders

carolCarol Shoulders graduated from the Open University in 1980 whilst working at the Medical Research Council’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and was awarded a DPhil by Oxford University in 1983 for cloning the human apolipoprotein A1 gene. Her subsequent activities within the lipid and genetics biology field include identifying that mutations of the microsomal triglyceride transfer protein gene cause the devastating condition, abetalipoproteinemia; and that the abetalipoproteinemia gene-product belongs to the gene family which encodes the egg yolk protein, vitellogenin. She also identified the cause of the rare disorder Chylomicron Retention Disorder, and established that newly assembled chylomicrons, despite their very large size, utilise the COPII vesicular transport system to navigate their journey through the complex intracellular transport system of enterocytes. Carol joined the William Harvey Research Institute in 2009 to continue studies into the control of cholesterol synthesis and efflux and to diversify into other areas of lipid biology, work begun at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London. She is a committee member of the Heart-UK Research Board, a scientific advisor for the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Today Journal and an Editor for both the Journal of Lipid Research and Scientific Reports

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Dr Lou Metherall

louLou Metherell graduated from the University of Manchester with BSc (Hons) Biology in 1985. During her undergraduate studies she developed an interest in genetics which led her to undertake a postgraduate diploma in Human Genetics at the University of Aberdeen. After a brief period in industry she returned to science and was awarded her PhD from the University of Greenwich in 1999. She joined the Endocrinology department at Queen Mary University of London in 1998. Her research focuses on the genetics of endocrine disorders.

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Dr Claire Hutchinson

claireClaire Hutchison graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA (Natural Sciences). After PhD studies on the control of flowering time in the lab of Prof. Caroline Dean at the John Innes Centre in Norwich, UK, and post-doctoral work on cytokinin signaling at the Univeristy of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA, she joined Prof. Carol Shoulders’ group in 2008. Currently, at the Centre for Endocrinology at Queen Mary University of London, her research focuses on the genetics of lipid disorders.

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Early Stage Researchers

Dominika Grzesik (PL)  ESR Project 11

d-grzesik-photoMy name is Dominika. I started my scientific journey in Poland, where graduated as a Bachelor of Applied Biotechnology, and continued it in Sweden, where I also obtained my Master Degree in Biomedicine. I chose cancer biology as my PhD field because cancer is like a puzzle that many try to solve and slowly, piece by piece, we get closer to find out the mystery of the disease. I also want my work to be meaningful and beneficial to other people. If I would not be on my way to become a scientist, I would definitely pursue a career of a music journalist.





Miriam Ruiz Costa (ES)  ESR Project 12

miriamBorn in Úbeda, a small city south of Spain. Studied Biotechnology in Valencia, where the Bachelor’s thesis was focused in elucidating the function of the Phf5a gene in the organism Macrostomum lignano during an Erasmus in Austria. Completed the Master in Molecular Biology & Biomedicine in Santander, whose thesis comprised studying the mobilizable region of the ColE1 plasmid and creating synthetic plasmids in order to test their conjugation potential. This study could provide novel targets to stop the spread of antibiotic resistances. I am part of this project because I believe I can help making a difference for people who are susceptible or diagnosed with cancer.