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Dr Eric Kalkhoven

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Dr. Eric Kalkhoven heads a research group at the UMC Utrecht focusing on the molecular mechanisms behind the differentiation and (dys)function of adipocytes.

After finishing his PhD on the steroid hormone progesterone in breast cancer (Hubrecht laboratory, Utrecht) he went to the ICRF (London) where he studied nuclear receptor coactivators, continuing on the function of the coactivators CBP/p300 in health and disease at the LUMC. In August 2003 he moved to the UMC Utrecht to start a new research group, and was appointed associate professor in 2007. He is the chairman and co-founder of the Dutch-Belgian Nuclear Receptor Research Network (NRRN).

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Early Stage Researchers

Imogen Morris (UK)  ESR Project 1


I began my study of Biology at Manchester University with a BSc in Developmental Biology. Here, my thesis focused on tracking cells involved in the initial stages of primitive endoderm formation and the localisation of laminin to pre-primitive endodermal cells during this process. Following this, I studied my MSc in Molecular Life Sciences at Wageningen University. Again, my thesis revolved around cell fate choices during embryogenesis, but this time in Arabidopsis thaliana ground tissue formation. For the next two years I worked as a technician in the Obesity group at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, lead by Dr Ana Domingos. During this period my work changed direction to neuro-immune cross talk at the adipose junction, its subsequent dysfunctions during obesity and the resulting comorbidities. I chose this PhD mainly because I have found a great interest in researching the cross talk between adipocytes and immune cells, but also because it has become increasingly pertinent to study obesity, which causes systemic dysfunction, in a holistic manner. Considering that Tribbles proteins influence so many physiological functions I am looking forward to working within such a multi-disciplinary group focusing on the various roles of Tribbles in both health and disease.

 Miguel Hernández-Quiles (ES)   ESR Project 4

miguelI hold a Bachelor Honour’s Degree in Biotechnology from Universidad Europea de Madrid and a Master of Research Degree in Advanced Genomic and Proteomic Sciences from The University of Nottingham. Always guided by my curiosity and scientific interest I have done several internships in Cancer research laboratories.

Now, I have been selected to join Dr. Kalkhoven’s group at the Molecular Cancer Research and Center for Molecular Medicine of the University Medical Center in Utrecht. I will carry out a project to study Nuclear TRIB1/3 in adipocytes and macrophages and their functions, which we hope will help gaining insights on metabolic and signalling pathways.