University of Beira Interior


ESR Supervisor

Silvia Socorro


Sílvia Socorro has a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (2001) and is Associate Professor with Habilitation at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Beira Interior (UBI), and the Coordinator of the Research Group “Hormones and Inflammation in Health and Disease” at the Health Sciences Research Centre (CICS-UBI). Her research interests are centred on the endocrinology, metabolism, and carcinogenesis of reproductive tissues. As a senior scientist, Dr. S. Socorro leads a research team studying the molecular mechanisms by which sex steroid hormones regulate cell survival and death, metabolism and calcium homeostasis. Current research is also focused on the exploitation of the metabolic alterations associated with male infertility and cancer, and on the development of steroid- and metabolism-based biomarkers and therapeutic options.

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Early Stage Researcher

Ziyanda Shologu (IE)  ESR Project 9

ziyandaZiyanda completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Medical Biotechnology at Institute of Technology Sligo, and a Masters in Cancer Research at National University of Ireland Galway. Her research interests include: breast and prostate cancer research, steroid hormone regulation, target biomarkers, inflammatory response and chemotherapeutics. Her project focuses on TRIB-mediated regulation of metabolism in prostate epithelium and cancer lesions under the supervision of Dr Silva Socorro, Endocrinology and Reproduction Subgroup, Health Sciences Research Centre, University of Beira Interior Covilhã, Portugal.